Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Irrigation System

Rainwater Irrigation System

Rain Water Harvesting for Northern Arizona

Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed is the regional expert for rain water harvesting and the installation of rain water irrigation systems. We install above and below ground systems that can provide 100% of the properties irrigation needs or be connected to a potable water filtration system.

Complete systems retain rainfall within the landscape and storage tanks combined.

Landscape plans for new developments or revision plans for existing landscapes can increase the effectiveness of the collection/irrigation system. We have been the regional leader in native plant landscaping, water harvesting and outdoor water conservation since 1994.


Design Considerations:

  1. Water Needs/Collection Potential – Systems are designed for the intended use of the collected water (drinking, irrigation, and/or service water) and quantifying the collection potential based on the potential collection area and average annual rainfall. In general, our home and places of business have not been designed to facilitate rain water collection. This lack of consideration creates guttering challenges and an  excessive number of downspouts and roof line cuts that can compromise the collection area. Re-sloping gutters, wet vs. dry systems,  and storage options are all considered to maximize the potential rain water harvest.
  2. Grade, Soils, and Paving – These are considered for both landscape collection, and tank storage systems. Grade may effect the potential collection area, pump selection, tank placement and overflow distribution. Soils are considered to ensure stable tank pads, overflow infiltration or adequate retention areas, plant selection for overflow basins and irrigation limitations. Collection from paved areas, curb cuts, and porous paving are considered to maximize the rain harvesting potential of the landscape. It is a rare situation that would necessitate any drainage away from a property.
  3. Overflow distribution
  4. Existing or new plantings
  5. Indoor use
  6. Distribution means, amounts and scheduling.

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