IMG_0464Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed is dedicated to providing locally grown native plants, sustainable landscaping using permaculture techniques, water harvesting, and restoration services for Northern Arizona. Our retail nursery and growing facility are located in Flagstaff.

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Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed is dedicated to:

Promoting, designing, and installing native plant landscapes.
Native plant landscapes designed with an understanding of local soils, plant populations, wildlife, and climate variations are restorative and sustainable landscapes.

Providing and using local genotype native plants.
The use of native species that are genetically adapted to the local climate, soils, pests, and pollinators reduces water consumption, eliminates the need for pesticides and fertilizers, and helps preserve these adapted attributes within the local gene pool.

Propagating plants locally.
Local production of native plants greatly reduces the carbon footprint typical of common nursery stock produced in and shipped from warmer climates. Local production of native and adapted species also provides consumers with hardened, acclimated plants.