Tree Sales & Database

Plant Database

Plant Database This is a searchable database of trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses native to Northern AZ and the Colorado Plateau. The database also includes non-native species appropriate for Northern Arizona.

Plant Sales Schedule & Info

  • We know when trusted growers produce their best plants and purchase them at that time. Sales other than those listed below may occur and some may be coordinated with local and nonprofit growers.
  • Large tree sales are all preordered and require a 50% down payment. Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed staff visit the farms and select the best quality trees. Discounts for preorders are included in the listed prices.
  • We offer Delivery and Planting services. Please call for pricing.

October – This is the fall dig of large trees when they have gone into dormancy for the winter. Notification and price lists will be sent out in early September. The actual time of the dig and shipment will depend on weather conditions at the farm.

March-April – This is the spring dig of large trees before they break dormancy. Again actual time for the dig is weather dependent. Notification and price lists will be sent in February.