Rain Water Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting for Flagstaff and Northern Arizona

Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed is the regional installer for rainwater collection systems. We design and install above and below ground collection and filtration systems. System design is determined by the collection area, property grade, and the clients intended use of the water. We install both basic and full service systems using quality components.

Please contact Nigel Sparks for a site assessment and quote. 928-853-8333 or nigel@nativeplantandseed.com

Rainwater Harvesting System Design Elements:

  • Guttering
  • Gutter filtration
  • Downspout filtration
  • First Flush filtration
  • In ground filtration
  • Above ground tanks
  • Below ground tanks
  • Submersible, above ground or solar pumps
  • Irrigation systems
  • Filtration and sterilization for drinking water
  • Landscaping for rainwater catchment within the landscape
Increasingly, rainwater collection is being considered as a design element in new home and building construction but most rainwater collection systems are custom designed for existing homes and buildings where no two sites are the same. Collection systems for irrigation can use above ground or below ground water tanks.. Collection systems for potable water preferably use below ground storage tanks.

Rainwater collection systems can be plumbed to existing irrigation systems or a new irrigation system which we also design and install.. The irrigation system can be installed to operate alternately from the tank or other water source as supply determines. The size of a system is determined by the available collection area, any physical limitations to tank size, the location’s seasonal rainfall averages, and the clients intended use of the water.